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Application for Nephtis Empty Application for Nephtis

Post by Nephtis on Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:23 pm

Player Nickname: Demona
Name: Nephtis
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Chiss
Homeworld: Csilla
Desired Faction: New Jedi Order
Desired Occupation: Jedi Apprentice
Force Sensitivity: Yes
Anything you'd like to tell us about the character: She has a more complicated name, but since most people in the universe can't pronounce it, she prefers to be called Nephtis.
Summarized Biography:

After the aftermath of Swarm War, Nephtis's family found themselves at the wrong end of the conflict leaving her alone. Being far from the Chiss home world of Scilla, Nephtis found her way into poverty in the outer rim, barely dodging the slave trade while causing all sorts of trouble for herself. Her natural affinity with the force was apparent at a young age as she used her talents to "Sweet Talk" her way out of many situations. Her rough beginnings only became rougher when she was found upon by two Jedi. Though the promise of a better, more purposeful life seemed great in the beginning, she found her training under these Jedi were not fun and games, but was brutal and grueling. She was taught a great many painful lessons during her time with them.

She would come to find out that her natural ability to charm those around her was identified as a part of Mind Tricks, something many Jedi were known for. Her grasp of this ability would grow as she found herself of casting illusions and changing her appearance to those around her who were not strong enough to see through it. She would accompany her master everywhere, life in itself became one large and hard lesson to learn. Everything was a test, and failure was not an option. Failure meant more brutal training, which was something she did her best to avoid when possible. But she was also stubborn in wanting to become strong, choosing an exotic weapon of a whip to train in. Her proudest day was when she went on a mission to find plans for a lightwhip so she could construct her first lightsaber. She finds its construction and skill to be one of her greatest accomplishments ot date.

Note: She wield's a pink bladed lightwhip capable of extending anywhere from one meter to five meters.

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Application for Nephtis Empty Re: Application for Nephtis

Post by Fata Morgana on Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:41 pm

Short and to the point. Until we decide upon a more concrete place for you, it will do fine.

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